Built with innovation. Delivered with passion.

While our team of personal trainers are educated and qualified fitness experts, they’re first and foremost passionate and caring individuals devoted to helping you reach your goals. We provide you with the support, motivation and accountability needed to get the most out of you.

Start first with a complimentary assessment. Built with innovation and delivered with passion, your personal trainer will put together a comprehensive program tailored to your body, needs and goals. You can then decide if Last Rep. Personal Training is the best fit for you.

The Last Rep. Training Centre has two separate conditioning spaces dedicated to personal training. We use body composition analysis as a monitoring tool to evaluate your progress throughout the fitness journey. You’re able to track actual results and visualize how far you’ve come.


Intro (3 sessions)

First timers only


5 sessions


($70 per session)


10 sessions


($60 per session)


20 sessions


($50 per session)


60-day challenge