How Last Rep is different from other HIIT studios?

We believe you can achieve more as part of a team. During each class, both your instructors and teammates will push you beyond limits you thought you could reach. They will encourage you to hit that last rep. We’ve also designed our programs with maximum efficiency in mind to the point that there is not a single wasted rep. We’ve assembled a community of individuals who are knowledgeable and passionate about fitness and healthy living, but who also provide the support, care and motivation you need for real growth.

What if I am a beginner?

We understand that taking the first step towards your fitness goals can be intimidating and challenging. That’s why we’ve designed our HIIT programs with all fitness levels in mind, while our personal trainers hang their hat on an experience that’s tailored specifically to your needs, constraints and goals. Every step of the way, you’ll have a team behind you as you continue to take strides forward. Most importantly, you will enjoy the ride.

Do you have lockers?

Yes, we do. Upon your first visit, we will provide you with a card that locks and unlocks your locker. You don’t have to bring your own lock.

I booked a class but I can’t make it. Can I cancel and redeem a class?

You’re able to cancel a class up to 6 hours before the class is scheduled to begin. In this case, the class will automatically be reloaded to your account. Any time after this, you will lose your credit. If you have an unlimited pass or you’re enrolled in a program, you will be charged $18.

What amenities do you offer?

We offer separate changing rooms, lockers, complimentary towels and private showers equipped with organic body products and hair-dryers.