How to Beat Gymtimidation

If you’re struggling to overcome gymtimidation, or gym intimidation, you’re not alone. Here are a few tips to shake off that fear in the gym.

Intimidation of the gym, otherwise known as gymtimidation, is a very real obstacle for some of us who want to lose weight, get fit or simply make their daily routine a healthy one. At first glance, the weight room can certainly seem like an overwhelming environment and feelings of insecurity or anxiety can impede progress. It’s important to understand that gymtimidation is a natural and rational feeling to experience, especially if you’re just starting out.

Whatever the reason you’re feeling less than confident, beating gymtimidation will make your journey towards a healthy life and fitness goals a friendly and achievable one. Here are a few simple suggestions to begin erasing any feelings of gymtimidation and allow you to enjoy the gym with confidence.


Find a Gym Buddy

Your fitness routine doesn’t have to be a daunting challenge that you tackle alone. Whether you convince one of your friends to sign up with you, or you meet a new one at the gym, working out with a partner can be a huge boost to your routine. With a regular gym buddy, you can keep each other motivated and also provide the necessary support to keep the progress going. Best of all, it’s just plain fun!

Try a Group Class

Classes are a fantastic way to ease into fitness or a new studio. You’ll meet fellow members in a motivating and supportive environment under the watch of an expert fitness instructor. It’s an especially liberating feeling as you’re pushing yourself next to your teammates working towards a common goal. In addition to the accelerated results, mixing in regular classes is a great way to keep things fresh and interesting while meeting fellow like-minded and driven members.

Pump Up That Playlist

When you really get into your own personal workout routine, you’ll start to realize that the gym can feel like home. Throwing on your earbuds to music of your choice is a great way to ease anxiety and block out others around you. Don’t be afraid to get lost in your own world!

Consider a Personal Trainer

Between learning the new exercises and machines, if you’re brand new to the gym, it can sometimes feel like an uphill battle. Working out with the aid of a personal trainer who is not only an expert in fitness, but also a caring and supportive individual, is the ideal way kick off your journey. It also eases the learning burden and accelerates results, as personal trainers will develop comprehensive routines and nutrition programs directly around you, your body and your goals. Most fitness centres offer a complimentary assessment or a free trial, so there’s really no reason to take advantage! Even if you decide that having a personal trainer isn’t necessarily for you, don’t be afraid to ask a staff member or instructor and they will be glad to help.

You’re Here to Build Confidence

We know that the ultimate goal of going to the gym is to lead a healthy life, but this isn’t limited to just your physical body. One of the big benefits of exercise is to build confidence and self-esteem, and the right fitness space does just that. If you ever feel out of place or insecure, just remember that everyone working out is there for the same reasons as you. This is part of what makes the gym such an amazing place, you’re not alone in the pursuit of a healthy life! Each workout session is one step towards reaching your long-term goals–inside and out.

Enjoy the Gym

Whether you’re driven by your own fitness goals, you want to improve your health, or you simply enjoy working out, remember that the gym is fun! Nobody should be afraid or ashamed to exercise. In fact, working out can and should be liberating! There’s something freeing about jamming out to your favourite music and escaping the pressures of everyday life. Find the activities, movements and overall routine that works for you and roll with it.