Train hard. train fast.


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Last Rep. fuses the competitive spirit, fearless nature and unity that comes from competing alongside your teammates and coaches to revolutionize the fitness experience. Through intensity, dedication and teamwork, everybody is an athlete–and you should also train like one.

Working hard towards your personal fitness goals is the first step in the pursuit of athletic excellence. In relentlessly striving to better ourselves day after day, we cherish every time we exceed expectations, set a new personal best, or hit that last rep.

In facing and crushing constant challenges, we want to see you become a stronger, fitter and ultimately better version of yourself. Not only do we achieve goals when we’re together, but we smash through them head-first and enjoy continuous growth. Between the knowledge, motivation and support, we’re here to help you do as the pros do and achieve greatness.

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Power. Strength. Stability.

40-minute explosive resistance training

The HIIT Blitz workout

The Blitz workout is a one-stop program that works power, speed and stability through explosive resistance training. Teammates train in pairs at stations that seamlessly mix the latest cardio and strength exercises of the pros.

This intense class delivers aerobic stamina and power at the highest level–the key to a healthy heart. Designed to fit into any lifestyle, the heart-pumping full-body workout lasts 40 minutes to maximize efficiency without a single wasted rep.


Speed. Stamina. Agility.

55-minute athletic conditioning

The HIIT Blaze workout

The Blaze workout is a head-to-toe program that focuses on endurance and strength. Through a body-changing combination of cardio, agility exercises and weight training, team members push through a fast-paced full-body workout to maximize stamina and strength levels.

This 55-minute athletic conditioning class pushes your heart rate above 80% of its maximum for transformative fat loss. Designed to be fun and challenging for all levels.